As part of Pearson Higher Education, our team has published several best-selling biology textbooks including Reece/Urry/Cain/ Wasserman/Minorsky/Jackson,Campbell BIOLOGY; Freeman, Biological Science; Simon/Reece/Taylor/Dickey, Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections; Simon/Reece/Dickey Essential Biology; Belk/Borden-Maier, Biology: Science for Life; Krogh, Biology: A Guide to the Natural World; Audesirk/Audesirk/Byers, Biology: Life on Earth; Johnson, Human Biology; and Goodenough, Biology of Humans.

We are also proud of our innovative and proven media programs, which include "movie quality" BioFlix animations, and the MasteringBiology tutorial and assessment system. For more information on our print and media products, please browse our online catalog.

In addition to annually sponsoring the Biology Leadership Conferences for Majors and Non-Majors Biology professors, we continue to sponsor free Strategies for Success workshops for science educators. Please visit our website to access our newsletter archive and to view our calendar of upcoming events.

What else do we do? Our group sponsors an annual Biology Prize scholarship contest that awards $500 to five students from across the country, and we also give away $2500 each year to selected colleges and universities that apply for our Pearson Sustainable Solutions Award contest. As part of our goal to be the first carbon-neutral educational publishing company, we've starting publishing some of our books on responsible paper, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to reduce energy usage and our impact on forests.