webinar_globe2.pngOur BLC Community hosts monthly webinars that help sustain the teaching and learning conversation between annual meetings. These are live, one-hour programs scheduled at a regular date/time that feature a range of speaker/ facilitators (all current BLC members).

The webinar topics are all teaching issues relevant to the introductory biology course for majors and the speaker/facilitator for each session could be a BLC member, a past session leader, or BLC speaker. The idea is to share innovations and ideas on a regular basis, support our work as educators, and spark our imaginations.

The 2011-2012 BLC Webinar series begins on October 26th and will be offered once per month, on the last Wednesday of the month. The webinar will begin at 12:30 PAC/3:30 EST and last for one hour. Participants will be emailed the participation link and conference call dial-in number in advance.

Here is the fall 2011 schedule:

October 26
Robert Bjork, UCLA
What We Know About Human Memory Can Help All Students Learn
November 30
Mark Lyford, University of Wyoming
Developing Program Assesment Without Using the "A word"
January 25
Group Discussion
Getting Ready for the BLC: Provide Your Input on Programming
February 29
Bill and Sheri Wischusen. Louisiana State University
Biology BootCamp Update: How is it Working? How to Do it Yourself.
April 4
Ruth Buskirk, University of Texas, Austin
Helping Students Use Primary Research Literature
May 30
Clarissa Dirks and Michelle Withers
Formative and Summative Assessment
And here is the archive of BLC Webinars past.

If you have a topic to share at an upcoming BLC webinar, please email Robin Heyden.