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Elba Serrano

Elba Serrano Lab New Research Direction
RNA seq and microarray analysis of Xenopus
Probing the Xenopus inner ear transciptome
Inner ear formation during early larval development

Links, References, and Resources From BLC 13

Kim Quillin & Stephen Thomas, Drawing To Learn, A Framework for Using Drawings to Promote Model Based Reasoning in Biology.

From HHMI:
Applicants to the HHMI BioInteractive Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) should be interested in learning how to promote the application of quantitative processes to biological questions within their introductory biology classrooms and implement active learning strategies within their courses.
The Faculty Mentoring Network combines a face to face workshop experience with a supportive, long term community interaction on the QUBES site. The group will begin working at the
National Academies Special Topics Summer Institute on Quantitative Biology, June 19-24 2016.

Tammy Long Publications

Jason Wiles' article on Peer-Led Team Learning