Here are the notes from the BLC 9 Ask the BLC Sunday morning session.

Suggestions on Asessment
  • Use multiple T/F
  • Concept inventories
  • Form questions around breaking (and then fixing) the system
  • Student authored questions (practice exams)
  • Project 2061 assessment web site, good resource on misconceptions

Student Writing Projects
  • Student blogging (give students a daily challenge)
  • Student created wiki sites
  • Science essays with a lesson on paraphrasing
  • Start simple
  • Peer reviewed student papers
  • New version of Blackboard allows you to include rubrics

Promoting a Collaborative Culture Among Faculty
  • HIre a professional facilitator
  • Students to help you drive reform
  • Blog about your teaching - open and public to promote discussion
  • Providing small "learning modules" of resources on particular topics
  • Aim to hire new faculty who are committed to teaching

Student Engagement Ideas

Flipping the Classroom
  • Don't be afraid to fail, not all experiments work perfectly the first time