Assessment Items from the Cell Biology 1 Small Group
1a. Goal
Understand energy flow through a living system.
1b. Outcomes
Students should be able to:
trace the flow of energy from the sun to the work done by a muscle.
compare and contrast the role of ATP in Photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
trace the flow of energy from food you eat to energy required to do work such as to send a text.
2. Two Summative Assessment Questions
Q: Where does the first transformation of light to chemical energy take place?
T/F plant cell T/F stroma
T/F primary producer T/F electron transport chain
T/F chloroplast T/F ATP synthase
T/F thylakoid membrane T/F mitochondrion

Q: You eat a plain boiled potato for dinner. The starch was digested and absorbed as simple sugars ultimately finding the way in to the blood stream. The sugar enters the muscle cell where it acts as a fuel for musclecontraction. Which of the following represents the flow of energy through the muscle cell?
*A. glucose-NADH-ETC-ATP-heat
B. glucose-ETC-NADH-ATP-heat
C. glucose-ATP-NADH-ETC-heat
D. glucose-NADH-ETC-ADT-heat
E. glucose-ATP-NADP-ETC-heat

3. One Formative Assessment Question or Activity
We designed a role playing activity to understand the flow of energy in a living cell.
Form 4 groups of 6 students. Give each student a sign (glucose, NADH, ETC, Proton gradient, ATP, Heat and Electron). Ask students to arrange themselves in order representing the flow of energy in a living cell. Each group will analyze the sequence. Pick 4 students as electrons for each group. The 4 electrons review the groups for the right sequence.
Subsequent addition to the activity:
  • The electrons identify correct and incorrect arrangements. The group discusses amongst themselves and corrects their sequence.