On this page you will find the various slide decks, videos, and presentation materials from the BLC:

BLC 2018 Materials

David Schimel, Keynote Speaker

Video links:
NASA video library
OCO-2 Launch Highlights
A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2
A great overview, as of a few years ago, great for connecting to the underlying physiology, with good graphics.

David's book, Climate and Ecosystems
and Dave Randall’s book on climate and climate change:


- Verma, M., David Schimel, Bradley Evans, Christian Frankenberg, Jason Beringer, Darren T. Drewry, Troy Magney, Ian Marang, Lindsay Hutley, Caitlin Moore and AM Eldering. 2017, Effect of environmental conditions on the relationship between solar induced fluorescence and gross primary productivity at an OzFlux grassland site, J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci., 122 (3): 716-733
- Here’s another application of SIF and other data:
Jeong SJ, Schimel D, Frankenberg C, Drewry DT, Fisher JB, Verma M, Berry JA, Lee JE, Joiner J. Application of satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to understanding large-scale variations in vegetation phenology and function over northern high latitude forests. 2017. Remote Sensing of Environment;190:178-87.

Kimberly Tanner Workshop


21 Strategies One-Pager:

Tanner, K.D. Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement and Classroom Equity. 12:1-10, 2013.

Trujillo, G. and Tanner, K.D. Considering the Role of Affect in Learning: Monitoring Students’ Self-Efficacy, Sense of Belonging, and Science Identity. CBE: Life Sciences Education, 13:1-10, 2013.

Tanner, K.D. Learning to See Inequity in Science. CBE: A Journal of Life Sciences Education, Vol. 8: 265-270, 2009.

Chamany, K., Allen, D., and Tanner, K.D., Making Biology Learning Relevant to Students: Integrating People, History, and Context into College Biology Teaching. CBE: Life Sciences Education, Vol. 7: 267-278, 2008.

Tanner, K.D. and Allen, D.E., Cultural Competence in the College Biology Classroom. CBE: Life Sciences Education, Vol. 6: 251-258, 2007.

Bryan Dewsbury Materials

Brief But Spectacular Talks

BLC 2017 Materials

A Dancer's Delight, Elba Serrano

Toolkit for Building Better Learners, Veronica Yan

Levels of Processing (LoP) Demo PPT

LoP Handout (Rating the properties of Words)

Teaching the Toolkit PPT

Brief But Spectaculars

CURE, Sara Brownell

Open-Mastery Lab, Angie Hodgson

Two-Stage Exams, Lori Kayes

What Matters in AP Biology, Helen Snodgrass

Understanding Distant Causation, Randy Phillis

Using Real Data to Engage Students in the Science Process (HHMI), Jennifer Bricken

Saturday Sum Up, Randy Phillis

Using Creative/Bio-Ethnographic Writing & Academic Coaching to Improve
Learning Outcomes of D/F Students, Cerrone Foster, Amy Zhong, Nora Demers, & Julie Collins

LTFF, Bryan Dewsbury

BLC 2017 Posters (images)

BLC 13 Materials

Models and Model-Based Reasoning, Tammy Long

PPT deck

Twenty Minutes of Fame

Ann Cheek's Slides (Case Study Methods):
Rebecca Orr's Slides (Team-Based Learning):

David Julian's Slides (X-Lab Project):

Deb Pires' Slides (Transfer Student Bootcamp):

Bryan Dewsbury's Slides (Inclusive Teaching)

Ruth Buskirk's Hot Topics Session

Example Hot Topics: Climate change, GMO foods, epigenetics, Neanderthal DNA, Zika virus, CRISPR, 3-Parent Fertilization, endocrine disruption, biomimicry, ocean acidification, fracking.
Ruth's Handout:

Ruth's PPT Deck:

Small group work reporting:

Beth Wilbur's BLC Haiku Wrap Up

BLC 12 Materials

Rosemary and Peter Grant's Slides.

Eric Mazur's Slides.

Information on CURE.


Allison Silveus:

Monica Togna, Laurel Roberts, Chrissy Spencer:

Linda Green:

Ruth Buskirk:

David Bos:

Morris Maduro:

Elena Pravasaduro and Pamela Sandstrom:

Angie Hodgson:

Judy Schoonmaker:

BLC 11 Materials

Stephen Thomas and Kim Quillin's PDF:

Ruth Buskirk PPT deck:

Ruth Buskirk Handout:

BLCers Suggestions: "How I teach using data from the primary literature."

"Thinking like a Scientist" from Brian Gibbens

Process of Science from Jung Choi

Kathy Marrs PPT deck:

Brenda Leicht PPT deck:

Bina Vanmali, Laurel Roberts, and Alyson Zeamer PPT deck:

Jamie Jensen, Anita Manogaran, Elizabeth Allan, and Andrea Phillot PPT deck:

Jen Pfannerstill:

BLC 10 Materials

Jean DeSaix:

BLC Wisdom (Jean Heitz, Randy Phillis, Melissa Michael):

Terry Austin's Sample Video:

Fiona Rawle's Student Videos:
number 1 (DNA Translation Style)
number 2 (One Direction Live While We're Young)
number 3 (Sickle Cell Anemia)

Fiona Rawle/Angie Hodgson:

Emily Taylor's Gila Monster Video:

BLC 9 Materials

A summary of Bonnie Bassler's keynote address, Tiny Conspiracies.

Michelle Withers:

Clarissa Dirks:

Rebecca Orr:

PreConference WIFs (put together by Tina Hartney)

Fiona Rawle:

BLC 8 Materials

Robert Bjork's Talk

Marius Peiffer:

Fiona Rawle:

Jeff Carmichael:

Joan Sharp:

Tina Hartney:

Tom Owens:

Carla Hass:

Anne Casper:

Rebekaa Darner:

Mark Hens:

Mark Hens (course redesign forms completed by BLCers):

David Bos (spreadsheet):

Michelle Withers:

Mary Pat Wenderoth:

From Eileen Gregory:

From Tina Hartney ("Many Minds": Using Group Exams):